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As of January 1, 2023 with Carol Friend's retirement, we are updating our name to RTO & Company.  

RTO = Reagan, Taskey & Olson

When it comes to an accounting and tax firm, you’ve got to choose one you can trust. At Friend & Reagan, P.C., you get peace of mind in knowing that you’re hiring a team of professionals who will…

•    honor your confidentiality: Your privacy and our relationship with you is a top priority, plus our cloud-based, real-time systems provide a secure and supportive financial experience should you choose to use your online portal.

•    provide accurate, timely services: Our efficient system of “checks and balances” helps ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

•    evolve with you over time: We’ve been in business since 1946, served an estimated 12,000 clients, and have a small, devoted team of staff members, half of whom have been here for 15+ years. 

Committed to the wellbeing of both our clients and our community, we’re a long-established full-cycle accounting and tax firm that excels in offering everything from niche to comprehensive services. No job is too big or small. Contact us today!


Our Team

Carol Friend, CPA, Shareholder

For many people, the accounting field and tax code can feel downright intimidating. But not for Carol, who joined Friend & Reagan, P.C. in September of 1998 and became a partner in 2007. An honors graduate of Portland State University, with a bachelor’s of science in accounting and a member of the AICPA and OSCPA, Carol knows her trade. Her expertise includes business and individual tax preparation, with an emphasis on small businesses and farming, municipal auditing, financial statement preparation and Quickbooks consulting. In working with her clients, whether an individual, a business account or a government organization, Carol excels at efficiently cutting through complexities to get the job done. Equally important, she is highly skilled at empowering her clients to better understand their financials and the ever-changing nuances of today’s taxes. She genuinely enjoys helping people navigate the tax code and identifying areas of improvement. With her guidance, audit clients have often discovered opportunities to leverage and better service the community through healthier control and accounting procedures. Over the years, Carol has earned a reputation for being a confident leader who is responsive to people’s needs, devoted to seeing her community thrive, and committed to making the future brighter for all. Without question, Carol is busy—she is a member on the Providence Hood River Memorial Foundation. If she didn’t have to work and had endless resources at her disposal, she’d put it toward International Justice Missions to help stop the horrors of human trafficking. Raised on 10 acres in northwest rural Portland, Carol is a true Oregonian. In her free time—when not out and about volunteering around The Gorge—she’s likely visiting with her grandchildren or out camping, gardening and hiking.

Nathan Reagan, CPA, Shareholder

Having joined the firm in the fall of 1996, Nate became a partner and shareholder in 2008. And it’s no secret why he was chosen to help lead this organization forward with its “next generation accounting.” Nate’s approach to teamwork plus his momentum and energy deliver results. A graduate of Boise State University, with a bachelor’s of business administration in accounting, Nate became a Certified Public Accountant in 1998 through the Oregon State Board of Accountancy. At Friend & Reagan, P.C., he specializes in planning for income taxes, business entity consulting, municipal auditing and financial statement preparation and analysis. However, work is most exciting when Nate gets to do more than just crunch numbers. He thrives off empowering clients to better understand their financial picture and habits, plus providing guidance around their financial wellness. No surprise, Nate loves to learn about his clients, specifically about their careers and goals. In fact, his gift for building solid relationships is a big reason why people trust him with their personal information. Nate is also easy going, has a refreshingly positive side to his personality, and truly cares about every facet of his job, including planning for its future. At one point in life, Nate says he wanted to become a fire fighter. Today, while he’s not putting out real fires—or saving houses and lives—he likes to think he’s “saving lives through numbers.” For fun, Nate loves to spend time with his family, mountain bike, ski, windsurf foil, hike, backpack, SUP surf and salmon fish. He’s also dedicated to a number of nonprofit and community organizations, serving as the current treasurer of The Gorge Community Foundation and member of the Dalles Kiwanis Club.

Amanda Taskey, CPA, Shareholder

There’s no question that people work because they’ve got bills to pay. But there’s almost always something else that motivates individuals and drives them to show up for work and do their jobs well. At Friend & Reagan, P.C., Amanda helps prepare tax returns and is an important player in the firm’s audit team and audit services. But she’s also a natural-born teacher, or so she’s been told, and that’s motivating to her. In fact, rumor has it she is good at explaining complicated information, breaking it down for people, and communicating what’s important in a way that enables others to understand it all much better. This is a critical skill and important asset for someone who works in her field. Amanda joined Friend & Reagan, P.C. in 2010. She earned a bachelor’s in accounting in December 2013 from Linfield College. She passed the CPA exam fall of 2016! Outside of work, Amanda has a number of hobbies, including reading, walking, hiking and playing with her two boxers. An avid animal lover, she says that if money weren’t an obstacle, she would open a boxer rescue in the country! Amanda became partner and shareholder January of 2022.

A.J. Olson, CPA, Shareholder

A Hood River native, A.J. grew up in the Columbia River Gorge, attended Hood River Valley High School, and went on to attend the University of Oregon. There, he earned a bachelor’s in accounting and finances plus a minor in economics. After graduation, he was thrilled to land a great job back home and joined Friend & Reagan, P.C. in 2014. A.J. passed the CPA exam fall of 2016! At our firm, A.J. handles both municipal audits and tax returns. During audit season, he assists our audit team to complete work for school districts, utility districts, and counties. For A.J., accounting and taxes get exciting when a clearer picture of a client’s financials emerges along with opportunities to improve and make changes for the better. He also excels within the structure of the accounting profession and gets a big rush from wrapping up a day, successfully closing out projects and meeting deadlines before heading home to relax. Although A.J. is quiet by nature, he does get chatty if anyone talks “Oregon Ducks” or “Denver Broncos.” As a boy, he had a gift for making people laugh and once wanted to become a comedian. Today, he’s no big joker in the office, but his more reserved, eternally professional demeanor suits him perfectly and serves his work and clients well, too. AJ became partner and shareholder January 2022.

Carolyn Rohde, CPA

Carolyn joined our firm in 1988 and is one of several of our team members who was born and raised in The Dalles. She graduated in 1982 from The Dalles High School, then earned her bachelors of science in business administration from Oregon State University in 1987. Soon after, she returned home and began her long tenure with us. Today, Carolyn’s area of expertise is in tax preparation, tax projections, municipal auditing and financial statement preparation. At Friend & Reagan, P.C., one of Carolyn’s clear strengths lies in her attention to detail and problem solving…and she’s one savvy sleuth! If anyone comes to her with a financial “fiasco” of sorts, Carolyn dives right into it like it’s a puzzle, sorting through all the parts and pieces, looking for clues to quickly zero in on the answers. She particularly likes working in the morning, when she feels refreshed and has a whole day of possibilities ahead of her. Outside the office, Carolyn loves to garden, snowboard, mountain bike, paddle her SUP, play word games, and train two of her best friends: a Flat-coated Retriever and a Portuguese Water Dog. She also volunteers in her community. As a board member for The Dalles Riverfront Trail, she plays a role in keeping this 10-mile recreational path protected and beautiful for all to enjoy.

Shelley Iverson

When Shelley gets into her car to go to work, she’s facing a good hour’s commute. But considering that she’s been employed at Friend & Reagan, P.C. since 1984, this long drive is now a true testimony to her job commitment, not to mention her loyalty toward the team of co-workers who make her drive more than worthwhile. At the firm, Shelley’s role is to gracefully manage pressure under fire, no matter what comes her way. She does a hodge-podge of everything but specializes in tax return preparation and processing, as well as payroll services and both 1099 and W2 preparation. Given her many years at the firm, she’s experienced a lot with both the company’s clients and its staff. She’s someone the team turns to with questions and who happily and patiently takes the time to answer those questions, coaching others as they learn. It’s a role she doesn’t just do well but actually loves. On the home front, Shelley is a devoted mother whose personal life revolves around one major passion: her children. So currently, her “hobbies” include kids, kids sports and kids activities. If she could have one wish, Shelley would love to hire someone to drive her to work during tax time…and in the comfort of a cushy motorhome. Volunteers anyone?

Angelo Sampson, CPA

Angelo graduated from Southern Oregon University with an Accounting degree in 2018. After Southern Oregon University he got a Master’s degree in Taxation from Portland State University, completed in summer 2019. He is passionate about his clients and works hard to assist them any way possible. Angelo is driven and eager to learn from our talented staff. Growing up in Portland, OR he was innately drawn to the Gorge because of the endless beauty and recreation opportunities our area provides. He knew from a young age he wanted to become intertwined with the Gorge community and is ecstatic to have finally made that dream a reality. Angelo passed the CPA exam summer of 2021.

Gary Bradford, Retired, Past Shareholder

Gary moved to retirement fall of 2018. A graduate of The Dalles High School in 1965, Gary went on to attend Southern Oregon College, earning his bachelor’s of science in accounting in 1970. After spending nine years with the Secretary of State’s Division of Audits, Gary joined our firm (then called “Bailey, Clark & Byers, P.C.”) in 1979. Over the next few years, Gary demonstrated his intelligence as well as his commitment to the firm and become a partner in 1984. After an impressive 37 years of auditing municipalities, Gary retired from that professional arena in 2007 and officially retired as a partner in our firm three years later. Although Gary reached full retirement June 30, 2022, he currently spends his days traveling, hunting and fishing with his family, he’s still very much a part of the family at Friend & Reagan, P.C. Smart, funny and invested in his community, he’s an ever-valued asset to both our team here at Friend & Reagan, P.C. and our clients who’ve associated him with our group for approximately four decades. His current civic duties include membership in The Dalles Kiwanis Club.

Ryan Boroughs, Staff Accountant

Ryan is the newest member of our team. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Portland State University and a post-baccalaureate degree in Accounting from Linfield University. His experience prior to joining us has been centered in the outdoor industry managing youth ski racing and mountain bike programs on Mt. Hood, sales/marketing for a local watersports manufacturer, and running his own small business. On his free time, Ryan enjoys mountain biking, skiing, road trips and exploring the mountains and marine areas around the Pacific Northwest with his wife Karen and two young kids.